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23 April 2008 @ 08:14 pm
"You'd better take this back, I can't apply for this?" "Why?" "Says you need 5 GCSEs."  
The course is as bad as I thought it would be. I have very little in common with the people there except that one of them supports Everton and we're all unemployed. Yesterday I said that Liverpool-Chelsea is amongst the most boring football matches you could ask for at the top level and was looked at as if I'd punched someone's sainted mother. Still, at least now I know how to put together a CV and write a letter of application.


Granted I may have already known how to do those things, but at least I know them. It's severely depressing. I don't have a problem with the course per se. I'm sure it's of use to a lot of the people there, but frankly it's a waste of my time. Bugged a couple of the agencies today and they've put me in for another four jobs. Had two interviews this week; one of them with Lets XL (a tenant referencing agency) and the other is a nice, easy temp job with the council. Would be glad of either of those. Lets XL is literally five minutes walk from my house and good money and the council job is easy and short term. Both the interviews went well. Struck up a good interview from the start with Lets XL when I demonstrated how I had all the skills necessary, told them I was flexible and made them laugh. They commented on the lack of information on the website and I made a joke about them actually being MI5. Fingers crossed, eh?

Oh, also worthy of note is that I got a rejection letter of a friend's mother today. No, I've not been proposing. I applied for a job at Argos but was unable to make the interview dates offered (one was the York visit day which I couldn't afford to miss) and so got a letter from Paul's mum (one of the supervisors or something) there. I also got a rejection letter off Morrisons. I thought that interview went well too. Apparently not. Though why the person who interviewed me bothered to introduce me to the person who was in charge of check-outs and tell me to have a chat with her is beyond me. Still, I'm glad I put all that effort in at school when I can't get a job at a supermarket (this is supermarket number job number 4 I've been downright rejected for, not including ones that didn't even get acknowledged!). Go me.

On the course the guy running it said that if you haven't got a job by the end of the 2 week run, you get put on another course that lasts 13 weeks. That involves charity shop work 4 days a week and actual course for the last day. People complained. He said that charity shop work looks good on a C.V. and that it'll really help. I was tempted to hand him my C.V., point out my 18 months of volunteer work (mostly while I was at college) and ask him, if that was the case, why I was there. It's utterly demoralising. Nearly a year I've been looking. 9 months I've been looking properly and yet I'm unemployed. I constantly think back to that nice council job ("the salary is only £12,000 a year") that I got short-listed for. After completing the computer tests so quickly that the member of staff didn't believe I'd actually done them, I did well in the second interview too. Only slip-up I made was not using the phrase 'means-tested' in reference to council tax (though I explained it perfectly fine anyway) but didn't get the job. I wish I had. It was piss easy and good money.

Just feels like I've wasted a year. What did I want to do with this year off? Get my driving licence. Haven't even got a provisional because I wanted to save up and go straight into lessons. Simply haven't had the income for that. Wanted to get some work experience. I've got some, but only in fucking Woolworths. The only admin experience I got was during the summer which I could've had before Uni anyway. I wanted to do some travelling around Britain over the summer. I don't imagine I'd get far on the £250 I have in my bank account.

I got some extra hours on Sunday though because Kim was ill. Stuck upstairs on a Sunday which is dead to the power of two. I probably served about 20 customers in 4 hours. I was so bored that I appreciated the fact this old guy was talking about what Woolworths used to be like before the war. And then spent a good 15 minutes helping him with his trouble about different types of energy saving lightbulbs. I got so bored, I actually calculated how many days I'd been alive. Today is my 7001st day. I should've remembered to post yesterday really, shouldn't I?
Meeko Nari and Jumejume on April 23rd, 2008 07:44 pm (UTC)
Man, I hope you find someplace to work :O I'd hire you! if I had a company. . . and if you applied. . .
Tommokujatrance on April 27th, 2008 10:27 pm (UTC)
If I forward you my CV will you keep it on record so that if you do have a vacancy in the near future, I can be considered?
Meeko Nari and Jumejume on April 28th, 2008 01:18 am (UTC)
I would make a special folder called 'Resumes to Consider When You Have a Business' and put it as file name "1 - Tom Heathington.doc"
Zlobna hruška: Two Treasuresthestateiamin on April 24th, 2008 05:55 pm (UTC)
This is why I hate the world of employment. The fuckers all do the same.
I hope you get employed soon, unemployed but wanting to work is a horrible place to be.

(ps sorry for the other night I'm sober and cheerfulish now!)