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16 August 2008 @ 03:58 pm
Mikel & Spencer.  
Bus either didn't turn up in Llandudno or it was early and so I got home half an hour later than I wanted to. I was deciding between going to an afternoon tea held by the constituency Labour Party to meet their parliamentary candidate (woo all woman short list =/) or chancing watching Everton online. Went for the football and missed most of the first half. Got home to find us losing 1-0. A few minutes later, I'm tucking into a lovely M&S Hoisin duck tortilla and Mikel Arteta proved why he's absolutely fantastic by scoring from a great direct free-kick.

Life is good this afternoon!

I'm also watching it being broadcast in the United States. Don't think it's Fox Soccer Channel. The accents are a bit annoying, but they described David Moyes as being "off the hook" and so it's brilliant.