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The Life and Opinions of Thomas Shandy, Gentleman

The Remains of the Day

23 February 1989
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"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be."

Hello! Welcome to my LiveJournal profile. My name is Thomas and I'm an English eighteen year old living in North Wales, which conveniently gets the 'ASL' requirements out of the way. I recently gained my International Baccalaureate diploma and find myself on a rather unexpected gap year before university, which I hope to be studying History at next year. My first shot at applying to university wasn't dealt with in the best manner by myself though, this year, actually knowing my academic credentials are, I hope things will be much smoother.

I enjoy doing a rather large number of things though chief among those are playing computer games, reading up on history, reading whatever book takes my interest, football and trivia quizzes. Recently I've got myself into an awful habit of playing on those itbox machines in pub. I'm a huge fan of Everton Football Club and although I only get down to Goodison Park roughly twice a year, one day I hope to see them on a rather more regular basis. I have a keen interest in politics and on the spectrum you'd find me Centre-Left. Like many others, I've also fallen into an awful habit of spending hours on Wikipedia browsing completely random articles.

I can never write these introduction things because I always feel that whatever I say about myself will be rather false as regardless of what I say here, everyone makes their own judgement on what somebody is like. But anyway, I hope it has given you at least some idea of what I'm like. Most of the interesting stuff entries are Friends Only but feel free to add me. I'd appreciate it if you could let me know who you are if you do though! I think that's about everything, really!

Take care,

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